New classes at DKM+

NEW CLASS – K4. You will all be able to follow at least two K4 kayaks in this years edition of DKM+. The Danish Canoe Federation asked us if there was a possibility for K4:s entering the race and we decided to go along with this fun idea. It has actually been done before by 4 local girls who paddled the entire race course but were not officially in the race. This will be the first official entry in DKM+ by K4 kayaks. Hopefully there will be more additions to this new class.


This year is a bit of a trial year and this class will open for all, no separation will be made beteween men and women. Everyone will get a medal just as all other participants but there will be no official price ceremony for the first 3.  All K4 kayaks will start about half an hour after the others to avoid problems at the first portage.


We have received numerous requests for a shorter race course over the years but have stood our ground – Dalsland Kanot Maraton+ is 55 k and will remain 55 k! But we also realize that this massive undertaking requires a lot of commitment from all of you participants. Something that is just not possible for some of you due to lack of equipment, no where to practice or simply lack of time to train. In this case, fifty five kilometers will be a very long race.

But! We have listened and are now giving you the opportunity to participate in this great event together with your family, friends or colleagues! Our new relay class are aimed at all of you who fit the description above and the rules are simple.

  • Four persons
  • One kayak
  • One bib
  • You must be 16 years old

Three classes within the relay: Men – Women – Mixed (at least one man or woman). You can read more about it here!