Dalsland XC are cancelled.

We are regrettably forced to reschedule Dalsland XC 2016! 

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this message. The reason is that we are forced to reschedule our mountain bike event.  We did not obtain all the necessary permits due to a mistake on our part. One of the applications are to our provincial government and must be filed no later than 4 months prior to the race. We were late.

We tried to appeal their decision but were dismissed and we got the verdict on April 1st. We have during this week tried all possible angles to still be able to start our event and let all of you participants get the race you signed up for, but are now all out of options. We are now writing on a new application and because of the 4 month rule we have decided to do the race September 17th. We know that this will cause a lot of problems for some of you and we are really sorry about that. If you cannot or will not participate in September we are of course happy to refund your registration fee. For all of you who choose to remain registered, we will work out nice offers as a thank you and as a token of our appreciation.

Refund of registration fee

If you want a refund you must let us now before May 1st. All you need to do is to send your name and bank information so that we can transfer the money, please send it to info@campdalsland.se.

Please accept our apologies and I hope to see you here September17th.

Crister Blüme

Race Director, Camp Dalsland