Dalsland Gravel Race

Photo: Marie Leander

Dalsland Gravel Race is Camp Dalsland’s latest addition to our outdoor events and it is a wonderful and challenging gravel race in the early summer. Competition date is set to 8 June. Dalsland has fantastic gravel roads that run along beautiful lakes. They are also low on traffic with challenging height differences. Welcome to the most beautiful gravel race in Dalsland and western Sweden!

Track alternatives:
Long track: 140 km – 2 000 altimeters
Short track: 70 km – 1 000 altimeters

The start

The start of Dalsland Gravel Race is located in the center of Bengtsfors.

Start for 140 km: 9 am
Start for 70 km: 11 am


Volunteers will serve you energy drinks, water and bananas at the depots. There will be four depots on the long track and two depots on the short track.

After the run

When you have reached the finish line, all the cyclists will be served a delicious meal and coffee. Exhibitors and local companies will be present. During the afternoon, a prize ceremony will also be held where we reward the winners with nice prizes.

8 June

140 km

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