Photo: Carolina Laurén

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Along lakes and canals, over sticks and stone, through meadows and into the forests. Dalsland X-Country (DXC) is a challenging mountain bike race in varied scenery with over 700 participants each year.

Regardless what track you choose, you will be able to enjoy stunning nature with many beautiful lakes. The start and finish line is located in Bengtsfors – 60 kilometers east of Halden, about 170 kilometers from Oslo and 180 kilometers north of Gothenburg.

The different tracks
The long track (60 km)
The short track (35 km)

The short track is approximately 35 kilometers. This track is intended for people that are not used to cycle in the forest, but want a challenge. The track mostly consists of gravel and asphalt roads, but there are also shorter sections on trails.

The long track is 57 kilometers and this track offers a real challenge with fast downhills, several tough uphills and lots of technical parts. The track is difficult enough to distinguish the best from the second best, but athletes can also participate in this race.

Qualify for Genserittet och Cykelvasan

If you choose to cycle our long track you can qualify for Grenserittet on the 3rd of August and for Cykelvasan on the 10th of August.



It is also possible for kids to compete in Dalsland X-Country. The class is called Mini-DXC and it starts at 11:10. The distance is 1,7 kilometers for the older children and about 1 kilometer for the youngest.

You can register at the starting area at Bengtsfors Gymnastiklubb Gymmix. It’s free to attend and during the start of Mini-DXC, the kids are divided into three age categories:

Class 1: Children over 8 years
Class 2: Children from 5 to 8 years
Class 3: Children under 5 years

Bring a bike, helmet and protective clothes. We willl start after the adult classes. At the same track, with the same start and finish line. As a parent you are welcome to cycle together with your child.

25 April



57 km

35 km


Registration is open!