It will not be possible to run Dalsland Canoe Marathon as planned on August 8, 2020


Information from Camp Dalsland related to the coronavirus COVID-19:


Dalsland Canoe Maraton will unfortunately not be able to be carried out august 8 as planned. Camp Dalsland’s Board of Directors has decided this after the current situation with Covid-19.


The recommendations are clear. Stay home, don’t travel too far. However, we understand that many have been looking forward to and prepared for the Dalsland Canoe Marathon. Instead, we offer everyone who is registered to participate on their own, in their home water instead. What you should do is log 45 km paddling incl. two lifts of minimum 50 meters each. You do this challenge any day between 7-9 August 2020. After your “race” you will upload your log at our website and after the weekend we will present a list of participants and send you a medal. If you not are registered for Dalsland Canoe Marathon 2020, you can register for this home challenge on the website. The cost will be 100 SEK.


To all of you that have registered for the race on August 8, 2020, your will keep your start until 2021 and also be able to participate in the home challenge. If you are not able to participate in 2021, we will help you with a free name change if you sell your entry. 


We hope to see you digitally in 2020 and to see you again in the Dalsland lake system in 2021. Camp Dalsla

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