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Dalsland Canoe Marathon – Home Challenge

On August 8-9 it’s time for Dalsland Canoe Marathon – home challenge. 

Due to the current situation and the accompanying restrictions, a home race is organized.

Everyone who is registered for the 2020 edition of DKM and chooses to participate in the 2021 edition automatically has a starting place in the home edition.

If you not are registered to DKM, you can register for the home challenge on our website. It is a cost of 100 SEK to participate.For the home challenge, you log 45 km paddling incl. two lifts of minimum 50 meters each, between 8-9 August 2020. After your “race” you will upload your race to us, and we will after the weekend present a list of participants and send you a medal.

If you paddle the DKM’s course (new or old), you need to pick up a sticker, at the tourist office in Bengtsfors, to put on your canoe. The sticker shows that you are in the DKM’s home challenge and you will have the opportunity to lift and walk next to the locks. All of you who paddle any of DKM’s courses also collect your medals at the tourist office after the race has finished.

Below you can see how to upload your race.

  1. You log in to your own profile on eq timing’s website. (Were you signed up for the race).
  2. Select the Self Timing tab.
  3. Then you get a window as you see below. If you have registered several people, you get to choose the one to register time for – we have in this example chosen Crister.
  4. Click the circled plus sign.

5. Enter the time according to HH-MM-SS (the result you have) Red Arrow

6. Alternatively, upload the GPX track that you have for your activity – Green Arrow (recommended!)

7. Press save and wait a little while, and the result will come.

Be sure to measure a little longer than the desired 45 km as it is not a given that the track will be 45 km just because  it says 45.00 on the clock. We Recommend  accounting for a track that is 45,200 to get all meters.

Good luck!

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