About Camp Dalsland

Camp Dalsland is a nonprofit organization that arranges various outdoor challenges in Dalsland. The biggest event is Dalsland Kanotmaraton+ (DKM+). It is one of the largest canoe races in the world and it annually attracts participants from over 19 different countries. DKM+ started in 2004 and is organized on the second Saturday of August each year.

During the past years, Camp Dalsland has also launched four other races. The mountain bike race Dalsland X-Country (DXC) is held in the beginning of June, Dalsland X-Trail (DXT) is organized during the first weekend of October and Dalsland Swimrun (DSR) is arranged in July each year. And Dalsland Gaver Race in the end of October


The nonprofit organization Camp Dalsland consists of companies in the tourism industry and the business community in Dalsland. The purpose is to highlight Dalsland as an outdoor destination with the help of various events, and work for increased influx of visitors from other parts of Sweden and the rest of the world.


Are you looking for accommodation, restaurants or other activities in Dalsland? Contact our local tourist office in Bengtsfors. They will help you!