Each year, Camp Dalsland organizes four different races with various distances. There is something for everyone!

Dalsland X-Country (DXC)Challenging cycling in unique scenery!
The mountain bike race is organized in the end of April and consists of one shorter track (35 km) and one longer (57 km).

Dalsland Kanotmaraton + (DKM+)The world’s largest canoeing competition! The race takes place during the first week in September and you paddle a total of 45 kilometers.

Dalsland Swimrun (DSR)Swimrun in Sweden’s most beautiful lakes!
The premiere race was organized in August 2018. The track is 36 kilometers in totalt and you swim approximately 5 kilometers.

Dalsland X-Trail (DXT) Fantastic running on varied surfaces!
The race is organized during October each year and you can run 5, 9, 13 or 22 km.

Dalsland Gravel Race (DGR) Amazing gravel roads!
The race is organized end of August and consist of one longer track,140 km, and one shorter, 70 km.