Dalsland Gravel Race


Giving away your spot in the race is okay as long as the person taking over register instead of you. Also, the registration will have to be paid by the seller. The price is a deal between the seller and the buyer and is regulated between them. The price for changing the registration is 150 SEK and must be paid to EQ timing via the invoice that the buyer receives in an e-mail.

What should the seller do?
The seller should start by logging in to ‘My Page’.
1. After the seller logged in to ‘My Page’, he clicks on his active registration for Dalsland Gravel Race.
2. The seller then gets three choices – click on “Selg din plass”.
3. By pressing “Aktiver kode”, the seller activates a code that can be seen in the box above. The seller must notify the buyer of this code so that he or she can use it in his or her application.

What should the buyer do?
1. Click on “Anmäl dig”.
3. Select the option “Köpt/Övertagit plats”.
4. Fill in the code you received from the seller.
5. Complete your registration and fill in all the details.
6. You will now receive an invoice via e-mail on the fee of 150 SEK.


  • Buy your cancellation- and accident insurance with Ready to start.

Cancellation insurance

  • You get the registration fee back without a deductible if you become ill or pregnant and can not participate.
  • This also applies if you are injured due to an accident.
  • The insurance also applies in the event of a close relative’s illness or accident.
  • You will also receive compensation for the registration fee in the event of damage to your home, fx as a fire or burglary.

Illness or accident has to be confirmed with a medical certificate.

Accident insurance

  • Accident insurance is included when you participate and during the trip to and from the event.
  • In Startklar Plus, accident insurance also applies every time you exercise for a whole year.

Price: Ready to start SEK 155 / year and Ready to start Plus SEK 275 / year.


Camp Dalsland does not cover loss or damage to property. Loss or damage is reported to your insurance company and your home insurance. For high-value equipment, we recommend that you buy a separate insurance.


Camp Dalsland manage your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): We do not collect more information than is needed, we do not save information longer than necessary and we do not use your personal data for anything other than for the purpose it was collected.

In order to administrate your application, manage your results and provide “My pages” on EQ Timing, we will manage and process your personal information as follows:

– The personal data will be processed through targeted send outs to the participants.
– The personal data will not be disclosed to Camp Dalsland’s partners.
– Personal data such as names, domicile, results and photographs and videos in which you appear, may be published on our website and in newspapers.

You have the right to request that your name is not published in our start and result lists on our website and in other public contexts. Notify us of this by calling +46 531-52 68 88 or write us an e-mail at info@campdalsland.se. You also have the right to request the correction of incorrect personal data and to withdraw the consent given.

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