Photo: Per Johnler

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Dalsland Canoe Marathon is a 45 km canoe competition for everyone. Both canoe enthusiasts and the elite. The competition is run with either one-man kayaks, two-man kayaks or Canadian kayaks. The next competition will be held 8 August, 2020.



Location: Start and finish at Sågudden in Bengtsfors, Dalsland. 
Date: Saturday, 8 August, 2020.
Check in: Monday – Thursday at 10 am – 6 pm at Tourist Office. Friday 1 pm – 8 pm at the start and finish area and Saturday, 8 August, 6.30 to 7.30 am. Please have your start number ready to check in.
Timing: Common start time and individual time at the finish line via chip.
Depots: Water, energy drink and fruit are available along the track, but we recommend you to also bring your own energy and liquid.
Exhibitors: In Bengtsfors there are exhibitors which offer accessories, energy products and much more.

The start

The start of the marathon runs at 8 am from “Sågudden” in Bengtsfors and all competitors start at the same time. Then you have 11 hours to complete the entire race and you finish at “Sågudden” in Bengtsfors. 

The competition runs over six lakes: Lelång, Västra Silen, Svärdlång, Laxsjön, Övre & Nedre Höljen and Bengtsbrohöljen. Buoys will show you the navigation along the race. On all lakes, red-marked boats are deployed to assist.


Volunteers will serve you energy drinks, wheat buns, bananas and pickles at every lift where there are depots. Coffee is also served at the last depot. At each depot there are paramedics which can assist in case of any emergency. The depots are called Kråkviken, Skifors, Skåpafors and Billingsfors.  

8 August



45 km




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