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45 KM


At. 9.00 goes starting from Sågudden in Bengtsfors. The start goes on land and all canoeists get to put their canoes in the lake after the start signal.

Distance 1:12 km
The track goes straight north along the east side of lake Lelång. After 12 km, the track goes into land on the east side and you arrive at the swimming area “Kråkviken” and here awaits the first depot. You can now stock up with sports drinks and fruit.

Portage 1:900 meters
Now comes the racecourse first and longest portage. We recommend everyone to have canoe carts with. There is also the possibility to pre-book a canoe cart. The portage goes along the embankment northwards towards the Lake Västra Silen.

First switch for the relay class will take place here.

Distance 2:4.5 km
Now the course goes north on Västra Silen and after about 2 km turn south towards Skifors.

Portage 2:200 meters
At other portage. The lift is 200 meters and it is a popular spectator place.

Distance 3:13.7 km
The track now goes south on the lake Svärdlång. This lake is one of our narrowest lakes and often calm water. The lake is isolated far from the car noise and communities and often it is right here you get to experience the feeling of Dalsland’s wild and beautiful nature. The lake flows into the power station in Skåpafors. Via jetties you will take yourself ashore and can enjoy the crowd’s cheerleading and a hot cup of coffee.

Portage 3:290 meters
From the power station, you go from the Svärdlång and put in your Canoe In Laxsjön. Laxsjön has been the first lake in the Canoe Marathon for all years.

Second switch for the relay class will take place here.

Distance 4:6.6 km
You paddle along the west side of the lake southwards to the Ösans nature reserve and then off west towards the lock station at Dalslans Canal in Billingsfors.

Portage 4:200 meters
The fourth portage is at Billingsfors locks. Here you will meet the audience again, as it is a good and easily accessible place. Here is the last depot of the race. So take the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee, eat a Swedish cinnamon bun and recharge for the last four shorter paddles.

Third switch for the relay class will take place here.

Distance 5:0.6 km
The last stages of the Dalsland Canoe Marathon consist of shorter paddle distances and portages. From Billingsfors locks, you paddle under the car bridge to get out in the lake – Nedre Höljen. You now paddle North on Dalsland Canal. It is one of the shortest paddles during the Dalsland Canoe Marathon.

Portage 5:100 meters
Now you can get past the first of the four last locks before you arrive at the finish line in Bengtsfors. This whole stretch from Billingsfors to Bengtsfors has very easy access for the audience and the audience can follow you both on foot and by bike!

Distance 6:0.6 km 
This is the second of the two short paddle stretches at lake Övre Höljen.

Portage 6:350 meters
This lift will be one of the tougher at the end. It’s a little longer and slopes a little bit uphill. At the portage, you will pass three lock stations. 

Distance 7:3 km
Now you start approaching Bengtsfors. This is the last full lake you embark on. Bengtsbrohöljen measures 3 km.

Portage 7:150 meters
The last lift will take you from Bengtsbrohöljen out to the Lake Lelång again.

Distance 8:1 km
You paddle through the canal in central Bengtsfors followed by the audience along the edge. At the canal’s outlet, you paddle North on lake Lelång via the guest harbor back to Sågudden where you left off earlier in the morning. When you return to Sågudden, you have paddled 45 km. At the finish line, a hot meal and beverage awaits. 

9 september



45 km



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