Terms and conditions of registration

  • Your registration is binding.
  • It is not allowed to let anyone else participate in your name.
  • All participation in Camp Dalsland’s arrangements is at your own risk.
  • The fee is not refundable.
Photo: Per Johnler
Photo: Per Johnler

Club registration

We have opened up a simpler club registration. This way, canoe clubs can easily register their participants together. You will get spots for free when signing up a group. After every fifth payment, the club gets a spot for free.

As a canoe club, you can also apply for a club profile so that you can administrate all the participants through the profile. You can change class, rename, add and remove participants. The total starting fee for all participants will be invoiced to the club.

When the club is registered, a code will be sent via e-mail that is used at the first login. Enter and register your club here!

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