Photo: Per Johnler

Canoe competitions can potentially put the participants in dangerous situations. If you are loosing concentration or balance, stay close to land. Bring a whistle and attach to your life vest. This will make it easier for the tracking boats to discover if someone needs help.

Participants that notice someone else in an emergency must help the person in need. If competitors do not follow this rule, he or she may be disqualified. (The Swedish Kanotförbundet’s competition rules for canoe marathon, chapter 4 § 4)


The primary task of the tracking boats is to monitor the race and to help in case of emergency. The boats are stationed to not cause unnecessary waves. All tracking boats are equipped with first aid kit. We recommend that you use your whistle to call for their attention if needed.


Security must always come first. Therefore, we urge you to seek protection on land if there are thunders. If we believe that your safety is in great danger, we will blow off the race until the danger is over. This will be done at the depots and by the tracking boats. The boats will be equipped with sirens. Repeated short signals mean that you should  immediately stop the race and paddle to land and await further instructions. The competition is restarted with a long persistent signal. Not listening to the cancel signal can lead to disqualification.

Companion rescue

If you or any other participant fall of the kayak during the race it is good to know how to get up again. Therefore, look at the videos below to learn different techniques. However, it is not enough to watch the movies below. You have to try this together with a friend since it is completely different when you are in the water.

Ascension between the kayaks
Ascension alongside the kayak
Self-rescue with float
Self-rescue / Reentry Surfski

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