Photo: Marie Leander


  • Women, 2 persons
  • Men, 2 persons
  • Mixed, 2 persons

There are two different tracks, one longer and one shorter.  80 teams can participate on the long track and 40 teams on the short track.

Two track alternatives

The long track – 36 km
The long track runs from Håverud to Bengtsfors and is about 34 km, about 5 km consists of swimming. Here you can download a map.

The short track – 17 km
The short track runs from Mustadfors to Bengtsfors and is about 17 km, about 2,5 km consists of swimming.

Time for start

The start runs from the aqueduct in Håverud.

  • The long track starts at 10 am
  • The short track starts at 12 am


17 july



36 km

17 km


 Registration is open!