Bengtsfors citysprint

It will be possible to download GPX-file for the track soon. 

Map Dalsland Swimrun

Download GPX-file for the track here

Dalsland Swimrun 36 km and 17 km will be postponed to after the pandemic. 

36 and 17 km


There are many fantastic opportunities to see the participants along the race. Especially at the beginning and at the end of the race. The start takes place at the aqueduct in Håverud and the participants will swim from the aqueduct and then embark on a longer run to Buterud. The next opportunity to see the participants is at Hällristningarna in Tisselskog by the east side of lake Råvarpen. There you will find great parking facilities.

At Högsbyns Fritidscenter next to Tisselskog there is a depot for the participants. There will also be a cafe for the audience. This is the recommended spot for viewing the race. You will also have a good opportunity to cheer when the participants fill up their energy at the depot. The next opportunity to see the race is at factory Mustadfors Bruk in Mustadfors. The short distance will aslo start here.

From the guest harbor in Mustadfors, the participants swim from the Katrineholmshöljen to the east side. At Långbron, the participants will swim from the environmental station to the guest harbor in Laxsjön. 

After swimming the participants will run to Baldersnäs northern cape where the participants will enter the water for a longer swim to Ösan in Billingsfors. Baldersnäs Herrgård is depot number four. Then you can see the race in Billingsfors where the participants will swim a shorter distance and then run up past the 18 and 19/20 canals. Then it is time to receive the participants at the finish line in Eka Parken in Bengtsfors

17 july



11 km



Registration is open!