Photo: Marie Leander


  • Women single
  • Men single
  • Women, 2 person team*
  • Men, 2 person team*
  • Mixed, 2 person team*

As a team you cycle the whole track together. It is not allowed for teams to get separated during the race and it is the last person’s time past the finish line that counts.

Two track alternatives

Long track – 60 km
The long track is very beautiful and also challenging. It is tough enough for the elite, but exercisers will have no problem to finish the race. Click here to see the track.

Short track – 35 km
The short track is about 35 km and intended for exercisers that are not used to cycle in the forest, but still want a challenge. The track mostly consists of gravel and asphalt roads, but there are also shorter distances in the woods. The start and finish line for the short track are both in the same place as for the long track – in the center of Bengtsfors. Click here to see the track.

START time

  • The long track starts at 11 am.
  • The short track starts at 12 pm.
  • Mini-DXC starts at 11:10 am and 11:20 am.


25 April



57 km

35 km


Registration is open!