Participant information

Location: Bengtsfors in Dalsland.
Date: 25 April, 2020
Check in: Saturday at 8 to 10 am. Please have your start number ready for check in.
Timing: Common start time (mass start) and individual time at the finish line via chip

Seedling: No seeding to the race. The participant choose which start group that suits them the best.
Depots: Water, energy drink and fruit are found along the track, but we also recommend you to bring your own energy and liquid.
Exhibitors: In Bengtsfors there are exhibitors with bicycles, accessories, energy products and much more.
Parking: Långevi Idrottsplats, Kanalbåtsparkeringen/EKA, Sporthallen and Sågudden.
Food: During the weekend, the restaurants in central Bengtsfors will have special offers.
Finish & award ceremony: The finish is at the same place as the start. Everyone that passes the finish line gets a medal. The award ceremony will be held at 2:30 pm.
Changing rooms & shower: Available in the Sports Hall about 300 meters from the start and finish. At the start, you can leave a bag with clothes.

25 April



57 km

35 km


Registration is open!